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12 Realms was a successful Kickstarter by MAGE Company last year, in early 2013. It was a co-op fantasy board game that put you into a colorful, vibrant, and exciting world, joined by some good looking minis!


Today, 12 Realms is growing, with the launch of Ancestor's Legacy on Kickstarter, an expansion with quite a lot of excitement built in!  With the launch of this, and their recent success on Hoyuk, and many others, we had the chance to sit down with MAGE company for some interview questions.  


We hope you enjoy, and do definitely check out their programs on Kickstarter today!

CH: Most all of MAGE Company's games do very well on kickstarter, both from a successful funding standpoint but also a community standpoint; what do you think is the primary reason for your success, obviously than great games?
MC: We love our work, we work hard, yes we do mistakes but we fix them and move on and learn through them. I think some people can see that and can see the improvement and changes in each game and campaign. Is not easy, to the contrary. Is a constant fight to prove that you can do more and new things each time. As long people support MAGE Company, we will keep up making new games.
CH: What was the hardest part about designing Ancestors Legacy and what aspect of the game do you think most players will enjoy the most?
MC: It is a family game and is easy; the best way to bring your kids into the gaming world. We had made some difficulty levels to satisfy the gamers but in any case we would give all of our ideas at once in the first edition. So, this is where Ancestors Legacy comes in. We have made Plots: Each Realm has its own Plot and Story but can be played in combination with other Realms. The rule is that when you play a Realm you must always choose its corresponded Realm. We have created suggested games. Not all the Plots will be included from the beginning in the games. Some will be reached on Kickstarter via our Stretch Goals. So the alter winning conditions, the new minis, and the different Plots are those Elements people will enjoy more.
CH: The artwork on the cards on Ancestors Lagecy looks tremendous, can you tell us about the artist and their inspiration for some of the pieces?
MC: From the beginning of the game, the designer Ignazio Corrao had joined the Manga side or something like that. So we tried to stay on the same level now but this edition is a little more mythical and a bit historical so we had to upgrade the game regarding some specifications in the graphics. Jerome Jaqinto is the illustrator and he is a really cool guy, we send him a file with the names of the images and few info on each and then he creates the pictures. Is not so simple though, cause we may remake an image again and again until is something that fits perfectly in the game.
CH: What's your favorite part of running a kickstarter campaign (other than the day it funds successfully?)
MC: When we reach a stretch goal. I love it. Why? Because we must do preparations, resend articles, you know.. there is all this strange mess to catch everyone around and in some cases to design more Stretch Goals and of course this way the game is upgraded, we talk more with the people. Is really cool.
CH: What's next for MAGE Company?
MC: We can't reveal it yet. We have many games in the pipeline but there are especially a couple of them we really like and we hope after August we can make some official announcement. For now we work on the Hoyuk production and for the 12 Realms Kickstarter Campaign.

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  • #1

    Jared Misner (Monday, 19 May 2014 03:59)

    Always cool to hear from successful KS companies. Interesting that meeting stretch goals are the favorite.

  • #2 (Sunday, 30 July 2017 09:13)

    I see it first time

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