Crit List - Top 3 Pocket Games to Carry

There are a LOT of great games, which are big, bulky, and provide an amazing experience when you have the time to sit down and play them.  However, if you're like me, you're on the go a lot, and may not have time, nor the capability, to travel around with Twilight Imperium in the trunk everywhere you go!


Today, we're going to look at the top 3 games I'm carrying with me everywhere I go.  I take my trusty back pack with me to all my conventions, and these three gems have provided a ton of fun in a small size and they could do the same for you.  Now most of you know, I think Roll For It is the best pocket game on the market, and I've talked at great length about it, so it's not on the top 3, as it's an "automatic" in my opinion when making out a list of what to carry with you... however... these three I'm sharing today are some you should consider, and hopefully will enjoy!



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    Chuck (Friday, 01 August 2014 03:34)

    Very interesting list! All three of those games could easily be a hit in any group for sure. As far as smaller games go, I am a sucker for card games, and three games that come to mind from my collection that I almost always take with me include:
    1.) Barons (by Cambridge Games Factory)
    2.) Nile DeLuxor (by Minion Games)
    3.) Pixel Tactics (and its 2 expansions, all by Level 99 Games)
    Compared to the games mentioned in the video, these three are slightly more difficult to teach, and Pixel Tactics in particular sometimes be a bit much for a newcomer to wrap their head around the first time, but I have had great success with all of them.
    Another game that I always take with me to parties,family visits, etc. is Dixit. Although I wish the box were a wee bit smaller (I have the base game and the first 2 expansions), it has always been a hit, no matter the group setting.

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