King of New York Exclusive!

King of Tokyo is unarguably one of the most successful board games in our hobby, over the last 5 years.  Besides from having the partnership with Richard Garfield as the designer, IELLO has produced a game that is great for all ages, exciting at any time, and just plain fun!


With the success of one title comes the "next step" though, and for our fearless city crushing monsters, once Tokyo and Tokyo Bay have been destroyed, well, what better place to relax, and crush more mountainous skyscrapers in, than the bustling city of New York!  


IELLO is purposefully keeping things very quiet on this, but, they were kind enough to let a few of their favorite reviewers have exclusive cards to preview for the pending pandemonium that will happen at Gen Con.  As such, we were chosen... and as such, I give thee... 



The Violent Star!


Click on the below image to see more exclusive cards from other reviewers and get ready to stomp some New York butt come this Gen Con!

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