Crit Lits - Gen Con 2014 Haul!

Gen Con 2014 was amazing!  With an even bigger vendor hall than last year, it was so easy to get lost among the massive pile of awesome surrounding everyone.  Add to that some wicked cool seminars, events, and demos to spend your tickets on, and it truly was the 4 best days in gaming!


So what did I come home with?  Well, I spent more money than I should have (but then again, don't we all at Gen con?) and I slept less than I should have, but in the end, it was all worth it.  In this Crit List I go through everything I brought home, why I liked it, and what my high level thoughts are on the games.


If you were one of the nice people to say hi, come to our Reviewer's event Friday, or just give me a random high five... well, thank you.  Meeting people in person and chatting about games and our hobby is the most fun I have and I can't thank you enough!  With that... let's game!

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    Travis (Saturday, 23 August 2014 20:14)

    It was so good to see you, man! Hope to hang more at BGG Con!

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