Critique of Lords of Xidit

I love it when games surprise me.  Sometimes though, they surprise me in a bad way.  Thankfully, Lords of Xidit is not surprising in that way.  Rather, it will throw you for a complete loop, and make you smile the whole way around!


If you like Seasons (the game world Lords of Xidit) takes place in, or if you like games like Lords of Waterdeep (where you're collecting aid of units to help you achieve objectives), or, you just want to learn how badly I can slaughter a name spell this "wonky", Lords of Xidit has everything you're looking for.


Come with me as I go through what looks like, on the surface, a lot to take in, but once you get to the destination, you'll appreciate the journey all the more... let's jump into the world of Lords of Xidit!


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    champalaune (Saturday, 25 October 2014 15:03)


    I have watched you analysis about LORDS OF XIDIT,

    good analysis but ....

    one add : the mechanism about this game comes from an frenh old game : HIMALAYA from TULSIT GAMES

    Regis Bonnessée is well known in France and the game HIMALAYA was a success ten years old.

    a second add about LORDS OF XIDIT : if one player is eliminated at the end of 4 yeers , he can't play with us ? what this player do during the game ? he watchs us playing ?

    I think it is the bad aspect of this game ? isn't it ?

    I appreciate your video because it is clear, down size and critics ,

    thank you


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