Critical Strike - Robot Turtles

Children's games are a rare breed, in that they sometimes fall pretty flat for adults, becoming sometimes more tedious than actual fun or teaching opportunities.  I love my kids, as most parents do, and should, and the opportunity to play games with them is an awesome one, so when something like Robot Turtles comes around, it's not only a great find, but one you want to tell others about as well!

Robot Turtles claims to be able to teach kids, as young as 4, programming skills. Does it work?  YES!  Resoundingly, yes!  This is not only one of the most colorfully enjoyable games for a family to own, but it's simplicity in design and intent makes it one of the best for a family to teach with (or even a teacher to teach with, if so inclined)!  Grab your shells, fire up your lasers, and let's jump into the world of Robot Turtles!

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