A Critique of... Gravity Maze

Think Fun is firing on all cylinders lately. I often look for kids games through Gamewright or Blue Orange, as both have been solid, but lately, I've been noticing more and more, well, fun, coming from Think Fun.  

We recently reviewed Robot Turtles from Think Fun, which is an excellent teaching aide and game for young gamers.  Today we take a lok at more of a puzzle than a game, but something equally as fun, and educational; Gravity Maze!

Gravity Maze is simple... get one marble from point A to point B, but as many things in lift, the journey is more important than the destination. You'll find your little gamers, and even your older gamers, scratching their heads at times, but enjoying the twists and turns around every corner. Snap in, set up, and let's get ready to roll inside the world of Gravity Maze!

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Gravity Maze
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