A Critique of... Colt Express

One of the really fun things about board gaming is it can transport you, literally!  Given the right group of friends, you can embark on adventures that are exciting, perilous, and most often than not, wrought with danger.  Sometimes, you even get to shoot your friends.

Such is the case with Colt Express from from Asmodee and Ludonaute games!  In Colt Express you will be a nefarious bandit who has hopped a speeding train, looking to make off with as much loot as possible... but of course, being the "ol' West" means other bandits are nearby as well!

Do you have what it takes to unload your six guns, snatch all the loot, and ride off into the sunset as the richest bandit!?  Meet me down at the watering hole as we grab our six shooter and whiskey and see who is the nastiest bandit in these darn parts, in the world of Colt Express!

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Colt Express; Crit, Hit or Miss?
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  • #1

    Matt Riddle (Wednesday, 10 December 2014 06:02)

    Sigh. I was kinda set to ignore this one as a gimmick... now i want it.

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