Top games of 2014, according to... you!

Every year, reviewers all around the internet, gather to tell you their favorite games of the year.  What was the best game, the best worker placement, the best deck builder, the best game based on a video game based on a book, etc, etc, etc.

This year though, I thought it would be fun to hear what YOUR favorite games were, so I have devised an evil plan, to use the internet to devise said list!  Simply watch the below video, then head on over to your friendly, local, neighborhood youtube channel, and let us know your thoughts.

Leave us a comment on the video's youtube channel with the top 3 games you'd rank for this year, and we'll compile a list that lets everyone know what the Critical Community believes was the best!

UPDATE: The Results are in!

Thank you all for you input, you time, and your passion around what you thought was the best game of 2014!  We had a lot of responses on social media and YouTube to this and below are the results!  Here's to an exciting 2015 together!

Results Video:

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Comments: 4
  • #1

    Kevin Burkhardsmeier (Monday, 29 December 2014 17:09)

    Hey buddy! What a great year!
    Here are my top 3. I have only played about 50 - 60 new games so it's a bit limited and will miss some great games I'm sure.
    My criteria.. In order
    1. Is it fun?
    2. Game mechanism /replay-ability
    3.Components /artwork
    4. Theme
    5. Affordability

    Ok here they are.
    1. Dogs of War by Cool Mini or Not
    Super fun engaging, thematic game with over the top components. Look at these mini's!!!! Bit pricey, but just love it and always want to play it.

    2. Sheriff of Nottingham by Arcane Wonders
    I know I took on the Role at Bgg Con, but the reason I did was because we just love this game! Every time it is filled with laughs, intrigue and no game is ever the same. One thing that gets overlooked and not talked about is just how awesome this artwork is. I noticed it demoing the game at GenCon. While playing it I was intrigued by the background details and shading and the Smirky facial expressions. It really is amazingly well done. Interesting I commented this and the gentleman demoing the game was the art director from Arcane Wonders. Made his day.

    3. So hard.....ok, Battle of Five Armies by Ares Games
    Absolutely love the theme, the components, the combat mechanism, the artwork. It's only two player, but it is really epic! Oh and it's THE HOBBIT! Duh.

    Have to give some honorable mention here too.
    4. Abyss by Asmodee. Come On this is the best artwork I have seen this year and just a great fun quick game to get to the table.
    5. Imperial Settlers by Portal Games
    It is just great. Love the factions and asynchronous type play. Art is fun, no two games art the same. Just love it.

    There is so much more, maybe I need to do a top ten?
    Thanks Tox for all you effort In this hobby!

  • #2

    Eric (Tuesday, 30 December 2014 03:59)

    1. Legendary Encounters
    2. Dead of Winter
    3. Xia

    Honorable mention: Evolution

  • #3

    Hunt Stockwell (Thursday, 01 January 2015 17:46)

    1. Shadows of Brimstone. I was very very surprised that Flying Frog made a game that is both equal in it's theme as well as the game mechanics. A wonderful combination of Descent and Arkham Horror. Lots of rules, but once you've play tested it once or twice you'll quickly have it down.

    2. Black Fleet. Wow! Such a simple game, but so much fun. The board is huge. HUGE. So you better have a big table.

    3. Sheriff of Nottingham. My play group is a very social one and this is a perfect game for us as we're always trying to pull the wool over each others eyes.

  • #4

    follow this link (Saturday, 29 July 2017 12:36)

    I think, there wasn't better games in 2015

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