Critical Kicks - Episode 3

Today, I return to this wild playground known as the internet and jump on the crowdfunding carousel called Kickstarter to bring you three games I've recently backed and received... and LOVE!

This time out we're looking at two big, meaty worker placement games and one surprisingly strategic, small portable game!

What have you backed that you love lately?  Let us know and enjoy this installment of Critical Kicks!

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Comments: 3
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    Carl - N20 Games (Sunday, 12 April 2015 20:33)

    I wish I could play more 2-player games but the opportunities just aren't there. I'm gonna go watch the rest of this on YouTube! My poor, aging lappy is having trouble streaming it.

  • #2

    Donnie (Sunday, 12 April 2015 23:33)

    Ben and I played Aqua Sphere this weekend. I'll give it another round, but so far I'm not a fan. I dislike the point gates; forcing players to use up programming actions to pursue crystals or else see your point gain for other actions capped, often causing you to bypass a program you actually WANT to use. Really? There is also a lot of scarcity - in the program choices, time, crystals, actions. Scarcity in a game is fine, but too much makes it unfriendly, and it's quite easy for a new player to make an unwise decision and get painted into a corner, which is not a good game experience. Would replays help this? Probably. But why would I choose to?

  • #3

    Tox (Sunday, 12 April 2015 23:55)

    Hm, we have found the exact opposite. The point values of the crystals in scoring in between rounds makes them well worth it to go for, so there's a benefit there and not just "get them or else" in my opinion. We've thoroughly enjoyed it, but as mentioned in the video, sometimes its not your cup of tea :)

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