Critical Question of the Day: Business Models?

In the world of video games, DLC is king.  Whether it's pay to play and then download more or it is the "Freemium" model of "here's a little bit, but wait, there's more... for $0.99" the consumers of video games are trained to know that the entire experience is not included in their main purchase.

Boardgaming is slightly different though.  We tend to include the entirety of the experience in a box, and include free promos.  Sure, expansions arise for popular games, but rarely are they ever a portion of the original experience "shaved off" for future use.

The question of the day?  Which model do you prefer?  Which do you think is better?  Is one better?  Sound off and let us know, but by all means, enjoy your games... no matter what kind they are!

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    Pete Shirey (Friday, 10 July 2015 18:30)

    I prefer the board game model of getting the whole experience and free promos. I just bought Arkham Knight and spent a additional 40 bucks on the season pass. That's over 100 dollars for a video game I may play for 3 months , maybe 4 then trade it in or shelf it once I have beaten the story mode a couple of times. Board games get much more replayability . For the same 100 I could buy sheriff of Nottingham and Elysium and play those games for the next 3 to 4 years or more before I decide to trade them or shelf them for the long haul. I love my video games don't get me wrong but when it comes for value for my money it's Cardboard and Plastic over pixel's and DLC!!!!

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    watch this (Saturday, 29 July 2017 07:45)

    Hmmm, I think there are more simple way

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