Locke and Key - The Winner!

Who won the autographed copy of Locke and Key?  Watch to find out!  Congratulations to our winner and thank you to everyone who participated!


Special thanks to Matt Hyra, the game's designer and Cryptozoic!

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Critical Review - Nightfall iOS App

Nightfall by AEG is now out on iOS thanks in part to Playdeck.  If you haven't heard of Playdeck before, they are the brilliant minds behind the popular Ascension iOS deck building app.  So did they do this game justice?  Has this game gotten better since our original critical review of the phsycial card game?  Essentially, is the App worth the $4.99?  


In short, yes, this is a quality product, but it does walk away with a unique score on our new scale of Crit, Hit, or Miss.  Check out the video to see why and get all the information!

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Critical Review: Locke and Key - WIN THE GAME!

Well, we are finally ready to Critically Review Locke and Key!  I know you have waited patiently from our Facebook Poll to now to get this out there, and I thank you for it.  I’d also like to thank Matt Hyra for providing an autographed copy of the game, and at the end of our video, you’ll get information on how you can win this copy of Locke and Key!


It's not often that you can just get a game autographed by the designer, so this is a special one... but is the game good?  Is it worth entering this contest and securing such a coveted prize?  Read on dear fanboy... if you dare...

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Nightfall for iOS is out now!

Playdek, makers of the fine Ascension iOS app game has finally released it's Nightfall Deckbuilding game in iOS as well!  For $4.99, the original set of cards are all yours, in a nice, slick, well presented application!  


So far, after a few games, the artowork pops, the animation is smooth, and the tutorial is very well laid out.  As I imagined too, the chain and kicker effects are SO much easier to see and plan in this format.


Let us know if you get it and what you think!

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Ascension Game Night Recap

Well, we had a small turn out, but a successful one, and in the end, a young man who had never played Ascension before actually won tonight's tournament!  Steve came in and learned Ascension about 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament and ended up taking control in his final game to dominate his way to victory!


Congratulations to Steve for winning, and congrats to all for obtaining a Ring of Life Promo card!  You can check out photos at our Facebook Page or by clicking here.


Next Wednesday, Wonko's Toys and Games will host again, at 7 PM CST with more fun and promos!  Hope to see you there!

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