Storm of Souls is out on iOS!

If you are a night owl, and you love Ascension, happy Friday as the update is live on the App Store including Storm of Souls and... PROMOS!!!  Check it out!


$3.99 for Storm of Souls and only $0.99 for the promo pack, it's another homerun... oh, and did I mention you can manually adjust honor now?  Yes, Gary Games and Playdek give us something special for Mother's Day... enjoy!

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Critical Review - Martian Dice

Martian Dice is a wonderful light game that everyone should own.  Yes, everyone.  I have racked my brain over the last few days of owning this game, and for the price, value, and fun, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy this game... unless you were abducted with your favorite chicken and cow and have terrible memories, then, stay away!


Martian Dice is made by TMG, Tasy Minstrel Games.  It is designed for 2+ players, and I do mean +, as you can play with pretty much as many people as you like and the game stays the same, if not, becomes more fun! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for a 2-3 player game, and is well suited for anyone 4 and up.

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