Critical Review - Adventure Kingdom

Most of us, when we were younger, dreamed of being a dashing prince or beautiful princess fighting away monsters and villains, while saving the day and being the hero! Heck, for all I know, some of us may still aspire to be tht person when we grow up!  Thankfully, table top games allow us escape reality and delve into fantastic lands that are colorful, fun, and most of all, adventurous!  This week, we share with you another Game Crafter game that does just that, Adventure Kingdom!

Adventure Kingdom will put you in the role of a dashing hero or heroine, who will have to use their guile, their abilities, their pets and magical items, as well as a lot of luck, to escape the evil clutches of Castle Orm!  Orm, the dastardly villain, has captured you and your fellow heroes and heroines and has trapped you inside his castle.  The only way out?  You must capture a key from each of the castle’s rooms, find the hidden passage way out, and escape his evil plans!


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Critical Review - Zombicide

"It's like a B-Movie!" - Tim Norris, Grey Elephant Gaming


That was one of the funniest, and yet appropriate ways, I've heard Zombicide described to me going into this Critical Review.  I unfortunately was under a gigantic boulder of a rock last year and didn't pledge into the Zombicide Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games.  However, have no fear, as our Friendly Local Game Store, Dragon's Lair in Austin, has provided us a copy of the base game to provide a review for you, the Critical Fans!


Zombicide is everything you can imagine, just by looking at the cover.  It's filled with zombie minis, a handful of unique, quirky survivors, and a lot of weapons to destroy, kill, and maim said zombies.  While not quite Last Night on Earth, this game is slowly carving its own place in the zombie world like a machete through undead brains... but is it fun? Let's gear up and check it out!


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Are you not entertained!?!

Last year, Hoplomachus took Kickstarter by surprise. It wasn't the most over-funded games, it was one of the most over-FUN-ded games!  We awarded this our Best Crowdsourced Game of the Year... but why stop there right?  Chip Theory Games has just released their first expansion, Rise of Rome on Kickstarter!


To celebrate, Chip Theory games has worked with myself, Father Geek and Grey Elephant Gaming to provide some awesome contests!  Ours is easy, we have an autographed copy of the game, to be given away to one lucky winner, and all you have to do is go here to enter!


We'll randomly select a winner on March 2nd and announce the winner on March 3rd!  In the meantime, enter once per household, and check out the Rise of Rome Kickstarter today!




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Critical Review - City of Gears

The Game Crafter often throws down a challenge for designers to develop a game based around certain principles, themes or mechanics.  Last year, City of Gears won the "Steampunk Challenge" for best Steampunk themed game so when I had the opportunity to get a copy for review, I was very curious, being a lover of cogs, gears, clockwork anything, and of course, steam powered contraptions.


Inside the box, I found automotons, city buildings, bomb filled dice, and factories that all led down the pathway to building the City of Gears.  The story goes that Sir Esmund Funglass was creating the City of Gears to be a shining example of Man and Machine working together, however, something happened (as it usually does with the best laid plans) and the city was never finished.  You and the other players take on the role of venture capitalists entering the city with your limited supplies of automotons, steam, and gears, in the hopes of finishing the city!

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Critical Plays - The Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game

Last week we showed you the DC Deck Building game, built on the Cerberus Engine from Cryptozoic.  This week, we wanted to contrast it with the Lord of the Rings Deck Building game, also based on the Cerberus Engine.


The LOTR game received a Crit from us during it's Critical Review while the DC Deck Building Game only received a Hit.  Were we spot on?  Is there still debate to be made in either direction?  Ultimately, how do the two games stack up against each other, both in terms of similarities and differences?


Thanks to our friends on Facebook and Twitter, we asked who you wanted to see played, and Aragorn and Gandalf were the winners.  Come with us as we try to simply walk into a deck building game and play, the Lord of the Rings the Deck Building Game.

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