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If you are like me, you like to give back when and where you can.  You may also have noticed that this hobby and industry of board gaming we all love is a rather philanthropic one!  We're a generous bunch, with big hearts, high hopes, and dreams that drive us towards greatness!


With that in mind, I am happy to share with you today a special auction for a collectors copy of Viticulture, hosted on, from Stonemaier Games.  There are 13 copies of the collectors edition, each set attributed to some of Stonemaier Games' favorite reviewers/bloggers in the industry.


You have a chance to bid any of them, or all of them, but of course, we'd appreciate you bidding on ours, in support of the American Heart Association!  

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Critical Preview - WWII the Card Game

Axis vs. Allies is one of my all-time favorite war games.  Without trying to trivialize war and the tragedy that happens all around it, military struggles make for great games!  Large scale or small scale, leading troops into battle and succeeding at a militaristic strategy is a wonderful feeling.


Today, a good friend of ours, Fanfare Games, has brought us a new Kickstarter called WWII - The Card Game for those of us into these types of things, but looking for a slightly new take on the Axis and Ally struggles. WWII - the Card Game pits 2 players in a deeply strategic battle that will see you managing deck construction, area control, hand, and resource management, with the goal of course, to win the war!


If this is your type of thing, check them out on Kickstarter at the links below!

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Critical Preview - Privateer

This Critical Preview is brought to you by the letter "R"... say it with me... "Arrrgh!"


Bad puns aside, if I could go to any time in the world and be anyone, being an infamous pirate, sailing the Caribbean seas and plundering merchant vessels sounds like a pretty fun adventure!  Privateer, a recently re-launched kickstarter, is out to provide you just that swashbuckling, cargo filling, port plundering good time!


We had the opportunity to put this high seas adventure through its paces and have thoroughly enjoyed it!  We're looking forward to seeing the final product, but in the meantime, enjoy our slightly longer than normal Critical Preview, where we show you a 3 player game of Privateer!  Shiver your timbers, strap on your boots and sword, and set sail with Mrs. Tox, Kraken Dan (so appropriately named here) and myself as we hire crew, trade goods, and attack some unsuspecting merchants in Privateer!


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Critical Strikes - Smirk and Dagger Edition!

Smirk and Dagger recently got a hold of us to check out Cutthroat Caverns and Dread Curse; both games we've wanted to get on the show for a review for a while. Ironically, when talking to the owner of Wonko's to figure out their sponsored game for this month's Critical Strike, they had a copy of Sutakku that looked perfect... and, since it was also from Smirk and Dagger, why not right?!


All three games are very different, from Pirates to Dice Stacking to Dungeon Delving, but all three provide unique experiences with familiar mechanics.  Whether you've been wondering about Cutthroat Caverns for some time (like we were) or you have recently seen Sutakku or Dread Curse on the shelf taunting you to add them to your collection, we hope this episode helps you make the right choice for you, and your game group!

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Critical Review - Relic Runners

Days of Wonder is known for top quality products.  Ticket to Ride is as synonymous with board gaming now as Monopoly was when I was growing up; just thankfully, Ticket to Ride is more enjoyable! In addition, Days of Wonder makes another wildly popular favorite in the board game world, Small World.  


With a track record like theirs it is no wonder that Relic Runners was a highly anticipated new title coming from this power house, this year at Gen Con!  We had the opportunity to partake of some of the bright shiny objects at the Days of Wonder booth, but didn't get a chance to take this for a spin until recently, when play-testing for this very Critical Review.


In Relic Runners, you and your opponents are jungle explorers, armed with some rations and a few tool boxes, dropped off at base camp.  It's up to you to explore the jungle, uncover the secrets of the temples, use the the ruins to guide your way, and capture the most victory points through Relic Runs!  But... is it fun?

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