Critical Preview - Scrapyard Empire

If you know me, Steampunk is something I love, and feel hasn't been done justice by the board gaming community, in general.  There are many good Steampunk Games, with one of my favorites still being City of Gears by Chris Leder, but it's hard to find a good one in the sea of "Great games" that are out there... 


With that, I'm happy to share with you one that definitely is up to snuff, or as an ol' fly boy might say, "One that lifts the ol' dirigible!"  Scrapyard Empire from Galliant Games is a set collection racing card game where you are competing to create amazing inventions before your opponents do, from what else, mere scrap!  Grab your petrol, turn the crank, and fire up the jet propulsion systems, it's time to take off with Scrapyard Empire!

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A Critique of Descent Shadow of Nerekhall

Descent Journeys in the Dark, 2nd Edition is easily one of the best games on the market for anyone looking for a dungeon delving, role playing type experience out of their board games.  It's complete, concise and exacting in it's adventures and is one of the few games I can easily see almost anyone who likes the genre, devoting all their time to.


Since it's "reinvention" in 2nd edition, there have been a few expansions for Descent, but none have done what Shadow of Nerekhall does.  With a giant compendium of user created material online, making an expansion worth the $59.95 USD retail can be a challenge, but I'm happy to say, once again, Fantasy Flight and their team of Descent Designers have risen to the challenge!


Come with us as we explore the dark once more, and delve deeper into the world of Descent, while adventuring in the Shadow of Nerekhall!

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