Critical Preview - Hollywood

Last year, we shared a review on World of Tanks, from Hobby World.  It was an exciting and unique deck building game that we still are enjoying getting to the table. Today, Hobby World is enjoying success with a new type of card game, Hollywood!


Hollywood will put you in the shoes of a Hollywood exec, with the goal of hiring the right director, cast and crew to make the best, and of course, the most profitable, movie, or movies, of the year!  You will use drafting and set collection mechanics along with bidding during two different stages, to ensure you acquire the best cards possible to make the best movies!


Let's settle into the director's chair, warm up the cushions of the casting couch, and go make the most profitable and popular movie of the year, on our way to winning, in Hollywood!

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MAGE Company Interview

12 Realms was a successful Kickstarter by MAGE Company last year, in early 2013. It was a co-op fantasy board game that put you into a colorful, vibrant, and exciting world, joined by some good looking minis!


Today, 12 Realms is growing, with the launch of Ancestor's Legacy on Kickstarter, an expansion with quite a lot of excitement built in!  With the launch of this, and their recent success on Hoyuk, and many others, we had the chance to sit down with MAGE company for some interview questions.  


We hope you enjoy, and do definitely check out their programs on Kickstarter today!

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Critical Preview - Evolution

I used to have a boss who would use the phrase, "Evolve or die!" all the time. He lived by it, or rather, he evolved by it.  It is an interesting concept to delve into... are we as humans evolving right now?  Do we have what it takes to secure our species existence by evolving the right traits?


Thankfully, along comes North Star Games to let us test this theory, in a much more relaxed environment, your gaming table, with Evolution!  Evolution is a new strategy game from North Star Games, who, by all rights, may be a surprise publisher for this, given their other lines of games.  Fear not though dear reader, as this game packs a punch, with horns, camo, climbing and sorts of tricks!


Evolution is a n easy to learn, hard to master, ever changing game that will keep you on your toes to adjust every turn.  Do you defend against predators around every corner, or evolve into one yourself?  Do you balance your land and fill it with multiple species or do you build one dominant race that rules them all?  The choices are yours... in Evolution!

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