Critical Plays - Bantering with Pair of Dice Paradise!

I love playing games, of all kinds, physical, digital, mental, you name it, I like it. It's even better when you can do these things with someone you like, and consider a friend.

Recently I was joined for an evening of Star Realms and Hearthstone by my friend Chaz Marler, also known online as "Adaygrit" from Pair of Dice Paradise.  As good friends do, we ended up bantering, and figured, why not record it?

So, without further ado, I give you the meanderings of two board game aficionados, who just really like sitting down for a good game every now and then! Enjoy!

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Critical Strike - Robot Turtles

Children's games are a rare breed, in that they sometimes fall pretty flat for adults, becoming sometimes more tedious than actual fun or teaching opportunities.  I love my kids, as most parents do, and should, and the opportunity to play games with them is an awesome one, so when something like Robot Turtles comes around, it's not only a great find, but one you want to tell others about as well!

Robot Turtles claims to be able to teach kids, as young as 4, programming skills. Does it work?  YES!  Resoundingly, yes!  This is not only one of the most colorfully enjoyable games for a family to own, but it's simplicity in design and intent makes it one of the best for a family to teach with (or even a teacher to teach with, if so inclined)!  Grab your shells, fire up your lasers, and let's jump into the world of Robot Turtles!

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Hobby World at Essen

Hobby World has been on a roll lately, and we've had the opportunity to preview several of their games recently.  To date, we have yet to play a game of theirs we didn't like, which makes for great times around a table!

With the pending Essen convention, Hobby World shared with us their plans for the show... and boy, does it look cool!

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Critical Preview - Strife: Legacy of the Eternals

Vision 3 Games, the makers of Incredibrawl, are back on Kickstarter with, transparently, one of the best games I've played in a while during a Critical Preview; Strife: Legacy of the Eternals.  

Strife is a game about open information, where you and your opponent are battling over magical lands, but only the person who chooses wisely will prevail, using both their battle champion and legacy champion's abilities best!

In Strife, you and your opponent have access to the same type of cards, but it'll be up to you to both anticipate your opponent's choices, as well as plan for the future, as once you use a champion to battle, they will become your legacy champion, adding support to your next choice!

Portable but packed with excitement, Strife is a game I would highly recommend to check out on Kickstarter, today!

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