A Critique of... Viceroy

Hobby World is a publisher not many in the states may be familiar with, but honestly, it would do them justice to become familiar with.  They are one of the leading Russian publishers, hosting a catalog of many games, some you know well, others you may not have seen... yet.

In the last year, we have reviewed, and enjoyed two of their titles; World of Tanks: Rush the Deck Building Game and Hollywood.  Both have seen success on Kickstarter and through secondary publishers, like Asmodee with World of Tanks.

Today, we're going to look at a game, set inside the Berserk universe, about power, pyramids, influence, and control.  At the core, Viceroy combines colorful artwork, great visuals, and intense choices all together into one fun game for you and you friends to enjoy! Can you build the most powerful pyramid for you people to support you?

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Next on stage... 

So apparently this happened today...

I don't blog much, in fact, I really rarely ever write anymore.  I used to, and I should do it more as it was a passion of mine a while back.  Heck, I once wrote an epic short story about this crew of Navy misfits who head into the dark depths of the ocean to... well, hang on, yeah, this is why I don't write much... begin digression... 

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