Critical Kicks - Pixels, Dreams, and Trains

Our first episode of Critical Kicks was wildly popular, so we're back for more!  Get your "kicking" boots on and get ready to check out a game I've recently received, a game that's currently in motion, and a game that's about to launch!

If you like card games, this episode is for you, as we feature Pixel Glory, Project Dreamscape, and Trainmaker!  All three are excellent card based games, that provide different and fun approaches to table top fun.  Grab your 8-bit heroes, your wildest dreams and you destination stations as we jump into three fun, interesting, and unique worlds with this episode of Critical Kicks!

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Critical Components - Insert Here

Everyone knows I like to "pimp out" my games whenever I can.  There's a lot out there on the market today too, and, a lot of creativity in the world of board gaming and kickstarter.  Whether you are looking for something massive to hold your Arkham Horror items, or just to store Jaipur better, you have multitudes of options.

Today, I want to take a look at Robert Searing's "Insert Here" foam core inserts.  I was gifted a King of Tokyo and Rampage insert from Robert and after putting them through the paces, thought they were perfect for a look at some Critical Components!

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Critical Kicks - 6 Pack!

Today I'm introducing a new series of videos called Critical Kicks, focused on games that are crowdfunded that I backed and have received.  My goal is to bring awareness to games that have been successfully funded and are either available in wider distribution or through the publishers sites, that are excellent and come from well managed programs.

Be it Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other platforms, there is a lot of tremendous creativity happening in the world of board games and I hope this series helps share new games with you, the Critical Community!

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