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Everyone knows I like to "pimp out" my games whenever I can.  There's a lot out there on the market today too, and, a lot of creativity in the world of board gaming and kickstarter.  Whether you are looking for something massive to hold your Arkham Horror items, or just to store Jaipur better, you have multitudes of options.

Today, I want to take a look at Robert Searing's "Insert Here" foam core inserts.  I was gifted a King of Tokyo and Rampage insert from Robert and after putting them through the paces, thought they were perfect for a look at some Critical Components!

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Critical Components - The Critical Game Room!

A few Critical Fans have asked us about our own game play space so we thought we'd take a second today and share with you, the Critical Game Room itself! This is where we play most of our games, play test prototypes and formulate our ideas for reviews, play throughs, and previews!


A lot of people that see it, love the shelving, and we can't argue; we love it too! This shelving is called "Expedit" from IKEA, and it's a very affordable and solid solution to stacking and storing all the fun cardboard in your life!


We hope you enjoy this short look around and we look forward to you comments and feedback!

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Critical Components - Rule and Make

In our series, Critical Components, we attempt to highlight and showcase some great, unique, and well designed accessories to enhance your gaming experience.  If you're like me, you have a lot of cards around. You have a lot of games and a lot of cards, and in many cases, you yearn for a storage option to secure them; in style.


Thankfully for those of us in the gaming world, there's companies like Rule and Make!  Rule and Make have a new card storage system that is both customizable and stylish.  It's slick, it's unique, and it offers many variations for almost any card game based needs you may have.


In the below video, we show you both the case as well as some of the variable design options you can customize it to fit.  Whether you are a Sentinel's player, Eminent Domain, or traditional a M:TG player, your cards will thank you.  If you are interested in learning more after watching our video, you can check our Rule and Make on their homepage.

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Critical Components - Daft Concepts

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Chris from Daft Concepts (@battlejack).  With him he had some of the coolest looking dice I've seen in a while, which were laser cut and very stylish.  When he told me he was planning a kickstarter, I knew I had to share his work with you, the Critical Fans, if not for form and function, but for just the "cool" factor.


If after watching our video, you're interested in learning more about Daft Concepts, you can check them out online at their kickstarter or at their homepage for more information!  In the meantime, enjoy our video rolling and storing the dice we had a chance to play with and we hope they inspire you to potentially add some more stylish components to your games and gaming experiences!


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