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Critical Situation - Episode 5 - Dark City

Last year Marvel Legendary took the deck building world by popular storm, no pun intended X-Men fans!  The wide amount of variable games with different heroes, villains, masterminds, and schemes made for a high amount of replayability, however, it was met with some skepticism both in terms of aesthetic design and regarding the company that made it.  Let's face it, Upper Deck isn't known for "sticking to their guns" when it comes to keeping games alive, good, bad or indifferent. Additionally, the "universal" artwork, of one character's set of cards being the same art did rub some people the wrong way.  


Happily though, there's now Dark City, the first "expansion" to the game, including 17 new heroes, all with new, and different artwork, along with new masterminds, harder schemes and more of pretty much everything!  It's amped up the art, the amount of everything in the game, and most importantly, the difficulty level!


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Critical Situations - Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Critical Situations are designed to share a specific moment in time of a table top game, where we take a turn, and ask the community for their input on the turn, as well as what you'd do given all the information at hand.  They're not meant to be the most strategic or tactical actions shown, but more to start a conversation, which thus far, everyone in the Critical Community has been great at!


Our previous Critical Situations have focused on Mage Wars and Seasons, and this week we see another Crit of a game making it to the table, in the form of Fantasy Flight's Descent: Journeys in the Dark, along with the expansion, Lair of the Wyrm!  This time around though, we have a slight twist!

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Critical Situation - Seasons Drafting

Seasons was one of last year's hits of Gen Con and the latter part of the year.  Asmodee put together a gorgeous looking game that appealed to many gamers with mechanics like drafting, resource management, giant dice with unique symbols on them, and of course, cute little zombie bunnies.


Thinking about what game to use for the next Critical Situation, Seasons jumped straight to the forefront of my brain.  I remembered researching Seasons online, since I wasn't able to get it at Gen Con, and reading the same thing over and over again, "When you play the first time, use the pre-constructed decks, then as you get comfortable, implement the draft."  The problem I had, was no one seemed to talk about what the challenges were with drafting, what cards were good, when, mechanics, and the whole lot.


So, I'm happy to bring you this week's Critical Situation, focused on the Prelude, the drafting portion of Seasons. In our video this week, we'll do a random two player draft, and then talk about which cards we could use in which years, and why.  This is though, just the beginning of the conversation.  We want to hear from you on these Critical Situations.  What would you have drafted and why?  Which cards would you choose for which year and why?


Leave a comment below, on our YouTube channel, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Google + of course!  We love to hear from everyone and look forward to the discussion around Seasons drafting!

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Critical Situation - The Warlord strikes back!

Last time out, the Forcemaster flexed her muscles. This time, it's the Warlord's turn to thrown some pain someone's direction!


Our latest Critical Situation is explosive... literally! Come watch as Tox shares an interesting, somewhat challenging combo, that could bewilder the forceweilder, or any mage in the Warlord's way!

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Critical Situation - Forcemaster VS Warlord

With the recent release of the first Mage Wars Expansion, The Forcemaster vs the Warlord, I debated on how to handle it.  We gave Mage Wars our Crit of the Year award last year, so unless some unnatural act occurred, it couldn't suck right?  So do I review it? Preview it?


Well, we did a box opening, and while that wet the appetite, this should help you savor the new pain stomping, dice throwing, and in this case, force pushing fun in store for you.  I'm going to start posting some videos, no scheduled releases, just when we can, that will show game turns and examples of "what if".  With that, here's our first "Critical Situation"!


Enjoy and let me know if you like these type of shorts!

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