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Critical Strike: Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange is one of my favorite companies in the hobby gaming industry.  They make excellent games for gamers of all ages, and have a bevy of great "gateway" games that those of us immersed in the hobby can use to entice others to experience the joy of gaming in a more accessible fashion than normally.

It's with no surprise then that today's Critical Strike is going to look at three fun, broad reaching, and enjoyable games from their catalog.  Strap in for some cattle stealing, sharpen your best doodle pen and get ready to graze the pastures with three titles you're sure to enjoy!

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Critical Strike - Doomtown Reloaded

With the success of Netrunner from Fantasy Flight Games, you knew it would only be a matter of time before some other beloved, older, games were "rebooted" (pardon the pun there) by more companies. Doomtown is the latest game of this kind, and it is storming onto the scene like a stampede of wild stallions from Alderac Entertainment Group.


Not since Netrunner's hype has an engine caught on fire like Doomtown: Reloaded's has.  It's well placed too, the game is a unique blend of science and western in a world unlike no other.  There's creepy circus people, hardened criminals, simple cattlemen, and of course, the law.  No, not THAT law, but rather, Law Dogs actually.


While Doomtown may not appeal to everyone, there's no denying this is a solidly build game, with exciting moments for those willing to invest time into the world it sets forth.  Grab yer guns pardner, and let's jump into the world of Doomtown: Reloaded!

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Critical Strike - Empires of Zidal, Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game, and Jungle Ascent

In our first Critical Strike of 2014, we're going to be taking a look at three very different games, all providing fun in their own ways!  


We've got Deckbuilding in a fantasy world where it's our job to train workers, build buildings, and gain signets, in Empires of Zidal from Dog Breath Games.  Then, we've got dice galore, in a holy way, where we'll delve into the abbey, and attempt to improve all the works therein with Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game from Dr. Finn Games. Finally, we'll do our best to avoid obstacles, while setting traps for our opponents, and reach the top of the mountain in Jungle Ascent, from 5th Street Games!

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Critical Strikes - Romance, Tanks, and Big Business!

Today we have another Critical Strike, being that it's the end of the year, we wanted to give you more goodies to look at, and, quite honestly, we have some major catching up to do on reviews!


If you like variety, this episode is for you!  We have everything from a fictional backstory and movie coming together to make a LCG, war time strategy with Tanks and Artillery, and big business, shady deals, and dirty politics!


This time around we're looking at:


  • Romance of the Nine Empires, the "15th Anniversary World Championship Edition" from Alderac Entertainment Group
  • World of Tanks Rush from Hobby World
  • Corporate America from Nothing Sacred Games


Whether you like very deep, even if mildly confusing card games, unique deck builders with a new perspective, or are looking to laugh, we have you covered... literally!

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Critical Strikes - Smirk and Dagger Edition!

Smirk and Dagger recently got a hold of us to check out Cutthroat Caverns and Dread Curse; both games we've wanted to get on the show for a review for a while. Ironically, when talking to the owner of Wonko's to figure out their sponsored game for this month's Critical Strike, they had a copy of Sutakku that looked perfect... and, since it was also from Smirk and Dagger, why not right?!


All three games are very different, from Pirates to Dice Stacking to Dungeon Delving, but all three provide unique experiences with familiar mechanics.  Whether you've been wondering about Cutthroat Caverns for some time (like we were) or you have recently seen Sutakku or Dread Curse on the shelf taunting you to add them to your collection, we hope this episode helps you make the right choice for you, and your game group!

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